• 2021 Tennis and Pickleball Season

    May 19, 2021
  • Tennis is a game that permits social distancing and we encourage all players to come out and enjoy our recently resurfaced courts! The following are reminders from the Meadows Tennis Committee. Please contact committee chair Ed Girovasi with any questions.

    May 1 was the start of reserved weekend play. A sign-up sheet will be posted no later than 7:30 am each Saturday and Sunday through October 3, 2021. Residents 16 years or older may reserve a court for one hour by printing their full name and unit number on the sign-up sheet. There is a limit of one hour per unit, per day.  If the person who signed up for the court doesn’t commence play within ten minutes after the hour, he/she will forfeit the court to those present. Two players must be present to establish their place in line when waiting for a court. One player alone cannot hold a place in line. On weekdays, court time is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Before starting play, set the bulletin board clock to indicate your starting time and place your Recreation Pass (a/k/a pool pass) in the corresponding holder.  If you fail to indicate your starting time OR fail to display your Recreation Pass in the holder, you must vacate the court at the request of waiting players.  After one hour (singles), you must vacate the court if others are waiting to play.  Doubles play may continue for two consecutive hours, provided that two residents have their Recreation Passes on display.

    The periodic resurfacing of our tennis courts is a considerable investment by the community. Please help us maintain the integrity of the new surface by using the courts for tennis and pickleball only. All other activity is prohibited. Players must wear tennis shoes or athletic shoes with NON-MARKING SOLES. Improper use may result in forfeiture of recreation privileges (including pool usage).  Please respect these rules so that we obtain the maximum return on our investment—years of enjoyment with minimal wear and tear.