• Meadows Condominium Fees for 2024

    The monthly condominium fees are listed below for each unit type. Unit owners may pay the monthly fee via check or via a direct debit payment system, which automatically debits the monthly payment from the owner’s account on the third business day of each month. Individuals who are interested in enrolling in the direct debit program should contact the property management company directly. Condominium fees cover residents’ use of water, trash removal, monthly bulk trash removal, weekly recycling, access to the swimming pool and use of the tennis courts, basketball court and playground. It also includes maintenance and upkeep of the buildings and grounds, landscaping and removal of snow from sidewalks and parking lots.

    2024 Condominium Fees

    Braddock End$305.97
    Barcroft End$342.90
    Edgewood End$371.92
    Clarendon End$418.08