• Seeking Volunteers to be Green Guardian Angels

    June 30, 2020
  • There’s a lot of planting taking place in the Meadows these days. Several young sapling trees have been planted, and new grass seeding followed sidewalk repairs and new fences.  New trees, bushes and grass all extra attention and careful watering in order to take root and succeed. The B&G committee is looking for Meadows volunteers to take care of new plantings, as well as some established, vulnerable spots, by watering regularly during the hot summer months. If you’re interested in being a green guardian angel for a patch of Meadows, please email the committee at BuildingsAndGrounds@Fairlingtonmeadows.com. In some cases, the B&G committee may ask a Meadows resident directly to take care of a planting near a unit. We hope that if asked, you’ll agree to look after the plantings to help keep the Meadows green.