• Landscaping Schedule

    June 30, 2020
  • The B&G committee has received a few questions about the lawn care and pruning schedule. Here’s a summary of the grounds maintenance schedule for the Meadows. Fairlington Meadows contracts with Lancaster Landscapes to care for our lawns, bushes, and flower beds.  From April to November, Lancaster will mow and trim turf every seven to 10 days, depending on rain and other weather conditions. Lancaster also will weed mulched bed as needed during the mowing visits.  Edging curbs and walks is scheduled for every other mowing.  Ornamental tree pruning takes place in June, and shrub pruning is scheduled every other month (June, August, and October) during the growing season. Lawn aeration and overseeding is scheduled in September after the hot summer months. Fall leaf removal is scheduled for November and December. And as winter moves into spring, Lancaster will schedule spring clean up and mulch applications for March or April. B&G also tries to put out notices on the Meadows Facebook page when major activities are about to start.