• Help Care for New Trees in the Meadows

    March 25, 2020
  • The Meadows is about to have a new tree planted courtesy of Arlington County’s tree canopy fund! It will be planted in Court 1, facing 33 rd St South at some point in the next few weeks. The county will be planting the tree and providing us with a water bag to use for the first season until its roots are well established, but it will need to be given 20 gallons of water weekly for two years.

    This tree is in addition to the four “whips” we planted in the late fall from a native tree program. Those little trees are also going to need lots of water to get them through their first summer. Our landscapers are not paid to ensure these five new trees are watered, they are only on site every 7-10 days and watering is not in their contract. Who is responsible for watering? We all are!

    If you live near one of these young trees, please make use of your hoses or buckets to help water them this spring and summer. We heard from so many residents who want the Meadows to maintain our lovely tree canopy, but that will take a commitment from all of us to ensure the new trees thrive. We also will be doing a lot of re-seeding this year in lawns throughout the neighborhood and will similarly hope residents will help keep new grass seed around their units watered until it takes root.

    If you would like to “sponsor” one of these young trees and be responsible for coordinating its care this year, please let the B&G committee know by sending an email to BuildingsAndGrounds@FairlingtonMeadows.com.

    New Tree locations:
    Court 1
    Court 3
    Between Courts 3 and 4
    Between Courts 10 and 11
    Court 14