• B&G Update

    February 20, 2020
  • Spring is just around the corner so the Meadows Buildings and Grounds committee is getting ready for the landscaping season to begin! We have a new landscaping contractor this year, Lancaster Landscapes, and as they get started on our spring clean-up the B&G committee is working to identify problem areas and prioritize planting work for this season. 

    In the coming weeks, committee members will be walking the property to take note of areas where plants have died or are missing, where trees and shrubs are in need of restorative pruning, where stormwater isn’t draining, and where turf needs re-seeding. With 22 acres in the Meadows, there is a lot of ground to cover!

    B&G would like to ask residents to report problem areas around their units and in their courtyards that the committee should look at. Are there areas where water pools after it rains or doesn’t drain away from the building? Are there bare patches in the lawn where grass doesn’t grow? What about holes or ruts where people might trip? We want to address as many issues as we can while prioritizing those most in need of remedy. Please send an email describing the issue and the location (court, nearest unit number, in front or behind, etc.) to BuildingsAndGrounds@FairlingtonMeadows.com no later than Friday, March 6, 2020.  

    There also will be cleanup and restoration work in the wake of the new fences, and the board is working with both the fence contractor and the landscaper to ensure any damage done to the common areas is restored once the work is completed.