• Fence Construction: What You Need To Know

    November 5, 2019
  • Construction begins November 12 and is moving forward in three phases to replace all 288 fences in the Meadows. Phase I will be courts 9 through 14 and the part of court 15 that backs up to court 14; phase II: courts 5 through 8 and the rest of court 15; phase III: courts one through four. Kolas will work through the winter, except for a holiday break from Dec. 20-Jan. 6, pending favorable weather and expects the project to last 10 months.  Kolas will, in general, work on one court at a time, but may work back-to-back sections of courts at the same time (such as the adjoining parts of court 14 and 15). Slight modification of the schedule is expected. This accommodation will improve efficiencies in construction, working to reduce the overall time of the project. See attached for an article with more details about the construction from the October 30 community fence meeting.