• Fall Landscaping Work

    October 4, 2019
  • F

    The Buildings and Grounds Committee (B&G) recently approved the landscape contractor to start on a number of fall projects around the Meadows.

    In Court 5, some dead plants near 3447 S Stafford will be removed, new sod will be put down to extend the lawn, and a new Kaliedoscope Abelia will be planted. A Hydrangea will be moved to another location in the court so that residents can once again use the gate that was accidentally blocked. 

    In Court 6, the Serviceberry that has been struggling due to the shade cover from the large oak will be removed and the area re-graded and seeded. Court 8 will see an overgrown Japanese Holly near 4301 removed and replace with a Sky Pencil that will not take over the entire front bed. Courts 10 and 13 are getting new trees planted: Court 10 will see a new Eastern Redbud near 3495 and Court 13 will see a new Crepe Myrtle near 4300.  And a tree contractor will be out to look at a Court 3 tree that has been dropping larger branches. 

    The Board has also been working with the contractor to identify shrubs that will need to be pruned or removed to allow adequate clearance for new fences to be installed. More information on the timing and locations of that work will be forthcoming from the Board once the fence replacement schedule is finalized.

    We hope that residents who live near the new plantings, including newly seeded areas of the lawns, will help ensure their survival with regular watering, especially if these drought conditions continue. Thank you to all residents who heeded our Facebook request and have been watering plants and trees around the community in recent weeks.

    Over the coming months, B&G will be securing a new landscaping contract, publishing resident FAQs to the committee’s webpage, working with maintenance to identify benches in need of replacing, and getting organized for the spring pruning and planting season. Anyone with ideas for next spring or concerns with existing trees or plans is always welcome to email the committee or attend a monthly meeting.

    The next meeting will take place on Wednesday, November 6th. The agenda will be posted on the Fairlington Meadows website.