• Ad-hoc Fence Committee makes recommendations to the Board

    June 29, 2019
  • The Ad-hoc Fence Committee has delivered its recommendations on the Fairlington Meadows fence replacement project to the Meadows Board of Directors. The specific recommendations are posted on the Fairlington Meadows web site here: https://fairlingtonmeadows.com/fence-replacement/

    The Committee, comprised of several residents, met numerous times during the previous several months during which time they visited neighboring Fairlington communities to observe their fences; collect input from neighboring communities related to best practices for fence replacement; discuss the project; conduct research on wood, gate hardware and finishes; develop and conduct a community survey; and conduct a walk-about survey of each patio fence.

    Communication on the fence replacement project has included posting information in the Meadows Messenger newsletter; posting information on the Fairlington Meadows web site (including meeting agendas and presentations on a variety of specific fence topics); posting information on the Fairlington Meadows Facebook page; and sending direct mail to residents.

    The main recommendations from the Committee included the following:

    • The Committee was undecided on whether the fence should consist of varied height segments (similar to the current style) or be one height all the way around. However, the Committee did recommend that if the Board decides to go with a single height then the height of the fence should be six feet tall;
    • Maintaining the current space between boards/slats;
    • Installing the gates so that they swing outward;
    • Constructing the gates so that the top of the gates are concave (as they are currently configured);
    • Installing posts on each side of the gate so that they are slightly raised as an aesthetic element;
    • Using pressure-treated pine wood;
    • Applying a treatment to the fences to help minimize a more weathered look over time;
    • Conducting an open forum for residents and owners to share their opinions with the Board of Directors before any final decisions are made.

    The Board has not made any decisions on the construction of the fence at this point.