• Arlington no longer accepting glass for recycling

    April 30, 2019
  • Arlington County is no longer accepting glass for recycling. Going forward, it is not recommended that you place glass into the blue recycling bins for the regular Fairlington Meadows recycling pick-ups that take place on Wednesday and Friday mornings.

    Fairlington Meadows residents who want to recycle glass, can drop it off at one of two designated drop-off locations in Arlington — at Quincy Park at N. Quincy Street and Washington Boulevard or the Arlington Trades Center at 2700 S. Taylor Street, which is within a short drive of Fairlington. Glass dropped off at either of those locations will go to Fairfax County, where they will be crushed and turned into sand and gravel for use in paving, construction and landscaping, according to Arlington County, which issued a news release on the recycling change.

    In a news release issued by Arlington County, it stated that the County is asking residents to stop placing glass in their blue recycling bins due to a significant drop in the market value of glass recyclables because it means it is no longer economically or environmentally sustainable for the County to collect them via single-stream recycling.

    The County’s news release link:  https://newsroom.arlingtonva.us/release/arlington-shifting-glass-residential-recycling-carts/