• Fences to be replaced starting this year: What you need to know

    February 13, 2019
  • The committee members have been meeting regularly since January and have taken a tour of the fences of neighboring condominium associations and discussed a variety of topics related to the fences such as style, height, hardware, wood finishes and wood thickness among other related issues. There are currently no final specifications for the fences, which means that there are no official bid proposals and no schedule for start/completion.

    It is the goal of the Board to begin the fence replacement project this year. While no specific start date has been determined, residents should be aware that they will play an important role in ensuring the success of the project. Residents will be notified in advance as to when their court is scheduled for the work to begin. The Committee and Board plan to conduct community outreach to seek additional feedback from unit owners prior to the Board making any final decisions.

    Residents should be mindful that prior to the work beginning that they will need to remove their personal property from the fences such as bird feeders, planters, plantings, and any other items that they have affixed to the fences. In addition, they will need to trim trees/shrubs from fences, move sheds and other structures from fences and when their court is scheduled for work to begin, they will need to move their personal property as far from the fence line as possible (i.e., move patio furniture and potted plants to the center of the patio, away from the fences). Residents will receive notification as to when these actions need to take place.

    Residents should consider the fence replacement project as they plan their patio gardens for the season. For instance, this might not be the best year to do much additional landscaping within a patio until the fences are replaced. Residents may want to consider delaying patio landscaping plans that would be adjacent to the fences. Owners who are considering installing a new patio may also want to postpone their project until the new fences are in place.

    As this project gets closer to a launch date, more information will be made available to include notification of steps that residents will need to take and notification as to when each court is scheduled to have the work begin.