December 26, 2018
  • A second day of recycling pick-up for residents of Fairlington Meadows will begin in January. In addition to the usual Wednesday morning pick-up, Friday mornings have been added to the schedule on a trial basis for six months.

    The recycling barrels will continue to be placed curbside on Tuesday for Wednesday morning pick-up, and they will be placed curbside on Thursday for pick-up on Friday morning.  

    The first Friday pick-up of recyclables is scheduled for Friday, January 18th.

    A survey of residents that was conducted earlier this year indicated a strong desire for a second day of recycling. Approximately half of those who completed the survey stated that they would be interested in a second day of recycling pick-up each week. The additional day of recycling pick-up was incorporated in to the 2019 budget as a result of the survey results.

    If you don’t already recycle, this is a great opportunity to make recycling a new year’s resolution as it is even more convenient than ever to recycle.

    Items that can be recycled include: glass bottles and jars (rinsed clean, lids are okay); metal and aluminum food and beverage cans (all types of metal food and beverage cans, rinsed clean; lids and aluminum foil are also okay); plastic bottles and jugs numbered 1 to 7 (e.g., milk jugs, soda bottles, laundry detergent bottles, yogurt cups, margarine tubs, flower pots, buckets, and medicine containers, rinsed clean; labels, caps and neck rings are okay); newspapers, magazines and catalogs (clean; securely bundled or in paper – not plastic – bags; newspaper inserts are okay, but please remove all plastic wrapping); mixed paper (e.g., office paper, brochures and other glossy paper, telephone books, file folders, junk mail, envelopes with and without windows, egg cartons, Post-It notes, self-adhesive paper, soft cover books, and paper bags; securely bundled or in paper – not plastic — bags); corrugated cardboard (clean, multi-layered corrugated cardboard, flattened, and with all packing material removed; pizza boxes are okay if all pizza and cheese remnants are removed); and paperboard/cardboard (e.g., cereal and cracker boxes, tissue boxes, paper towel rolls, shoe boxes, beverage cartons, gift boxes, and any other single-layered paperboard not coated.

    Not every item is recyclable. Items that are not accepted for recycling include plastic shopping bags from grocery stores, cookware, ceramics, drinking glasses, dishes, light bulbs, mirrors, window glass, Styrofoam, “clamshell” containers, packing materials (i.e.: Styrofoam “peanuts” and bubble wrap), containers that held toxic or hazardous materials, tissues, napkins, paper towels, wax paper, carbon paper, copy paper ream straps, food wrappers or other paper products with food on them; batteries.

    The rule of thumb is: “When in doubt, leave it out.”